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Building a Stronger Future, Together!

Mike Jaffe For Palm Bay Seat 5

With a demonstrated passion for public service and a commitment to the betterment of our city,

Mike is the candidate who will bring fresh ideas and positive change to Palm Bay.

As a Director of Operations for a Regional Home Builder, Small Business owner, and licensed realtor, Mike understands the importance of responsible growth and economic development.

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My Mission & Values

With a proven track record of community leadership and a clear vision for a prosperous future, Mike Jaffe is committed to making Palm Bay, Florida an even better place to live, work, and thrive.

Mike Jaffe on Public Safety

Public Safety

Mike Jaffe is dedicated to creating a safe community in Palm Bay. He believes in investing in public safety resources and services. Increasing police presence, fostering citizen empowerment, and improving communication between law enforcement and residents are among his beliefs. Moreover, he believes in access to job training, education, housing assistance, and support to prevent criminal activities driven by desperation or poverty. Mike Jaffe thinks offenders should be held accountable while providing rehabilitation services as needed. He is determined to make Palm Bay safe for everyone.

Affordable Housing And Commercial Development

Mike Jaffe, a community leader, has been advocating for more affordable housing and mixed-use developments in the area. He believes that the modernizing of the community is necessary for its growth and prosperity with septic to sewer conversion. He sees the need to provide safe and comfortable housing options for those who cannot afford to purchase market-value homes, as well as the opportunity to develop commercial properties with small businesses in mind that can generate new jobs and revenue. Mike wants to make sure that the expansion of Palm Bay is done responsibly and equitably. With his leadership, Palm Bay can become an even more vibrant and prosperous city!

Finding A Solution For The Compound

Palm Bay, a vibrant city located in Florida's Space Coast, is facing a compound problem that requires immediate attention. The issue at hand is complex and has been causing concern amongst city officials and residents alike. However, one man has stepped up to the challenge and is determined to find a solution - Mike Jaffe.As a resident of Palm Bay for over 20 years, Mike has seen the city grow and evolve into what it is today. He cares deeply about his community and wants to see it thrive. That's why he decided to run for City Council in November 2020, with the goal of finding ways to improve the lives of all Palm Bay citizens.

A Passionate Leader Committed to Building a Better Palm Bay!

mike jaffe


Mike Jaffe

As a dedicated community advocate, I am committed to serving the people of Palm Bay with integrity, passion, and a vision for progress. Together, let's build a brighter future for our city.

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