Director of Operations, Business Owner, and Investor, Bringing Expertise to the Palm Bay City Council

Mike Jaffe

As a Director of Operations for a Regional Home Builder, Small Business owner, and licensed realtor, Mike Jaffe has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise to bring to the Palm Bay City Council. With his background in building, he understands the importance of infrastructure and the value it brings to a community.

Passionate Leader Dedicated to Enhancing Palm Bay for a Brighter Future!

As a passionate and dedicated leader, I am fully committed to driving the progress of Palm Bay and working towards a brighter future for our community.

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Mike Jaffe

Mike Jaffe not only calls Florida his home, but he proudly hails from the beautiful Brevard County. He tied the knot with his high school sweetheart, Kim, and their love has been going strong for an incredible 22 years. Together, they are blessed with a delightful 9-year-old son and an adorable 7-year-old daughter. Mike truly cares about the people of Palm Bay, and it shows through his commitment to creating a brighter future for all who live here. There’s no denying that this dedicated father and husband has what it takes to lead Palm Bay into a prosperous new era.

Mike has a passion for solving problems and finding solutions that benefit the community. One of his top priorities is addressing the issue of flooding in the Palm Bay area, with a particular focus on the Indian River Lagoon. He believes that improved infrastructure and stronger partnerships with the community and local organizations will lead to sustainable solutions.

Furthermore, Mike is a fiscal conservative who strongly believes in efficient government and cutting wasteful spending. As the owner of a successful business, he understands the importance of managing resources wisely and ensuring that every dollar spent delivers maximum value to the community. Mike’s aspirations for Palm Bay extend beyond just addressing immediate concerns. He is committed to making the city the best it can be and works tirelessly to make his vision a reality.

He understands that strong leadership and effective communication are necessary to achieve his goals, and he has a reputation for being an excellent listener who takes the time to understand the concerns and needs of residents. Mike Jaffe brings significant expertise, experience, and passion to the Palm Bay City Council. Through his commitment to infrastructure, fiscal conservatism, and the best interest of the community, he is dedicated to making Palm Bay a better place to live, work, and thrive.

Mike Jaffe

Volunteer Experience

1st Vice President of the Space Coast Home Builders and Contractors Association
May 2021-Current

Melbourne Chamber of Commerce Board Member
July 2021-Current

Neighborup Brevard Board Member
January 2022-Current

Economic Development Commission Board Member
May 2022-September 2022

Economic Development Commission Ad Valorem Tax Abatement Council 
February 2022-September 2022

Palm Bay East Little League Coach
January 2020-Current

City of Palm Bay Utilities Advisory Board 
May 2022-August 2022

Evans Center Board Member
November 2023-Current